Who We Are


Zenith Mining

Who We Are

Zenith minings was founded by Mr. Karl, who was born in England and with the ultimate goal of making a good change in the mining and jewellery industry as a whole and dedicated to making the absolute best to be accessible to everyone deserving it. We are one of the best globally diversified natural resource companies. Through the scale and diversity of our industrial and marketing businesses, we responsibly supply the commodities that are fundamental to the building blocks of life.

Mr karl



Become an industry leader in safety, eliminating injuries and fatalities



Improve the health and well-being of our employees and the communities near our operations


Community & Human Rights

Uphold human rights and support the long-term development of local communities



Minimise our impact on the environment, wherever we operate

Our Achievements

At Zenith Mining, we believe that diamonds have the power to not only adorn lives with beauty, but also to transform them through education. This core value lies at the heart of our remarkable achievement: funding the construction of five primary schools in remote villages across Sierra Leone.

We partnered with a leading NGO with expertise in education and community development. Through a multi-year initiative, we funded the construction of five primary schools in underserved villages. These schools provided access to quality education for over 1,000 children, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to build brighter futures.